4Q - 21st Century Skills Enhancement Programme

The course is designed by our Curriculum Director, speech therapists and child psychologists, aiming to boost children's IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and CQ (Creativity Quotient), EQ(Emotion Quotient), SQ(Social Quotient)。

Course highlight:

A theme will be set for each lesson and children will learn through various interesting learning activities include music activities, role plays, life simulations, group tasks, group discussions and toast mastering.

After the lessons, children will be able to:
- Understand different emotions and use appropriate methods to tackle with the emotions;
- Build up their self-confidence, be more expressive and socialize with peers;
- Improve their public speaking skills and question answering skills;
- Handle adversity, develop thinking skills to solve problems;
- Reduce anxiety while facing problems and have a positive attitude to deal with them;
- Increase their attention and motivation to learn;
- Promote their sensory development through visual, audio and other sensory integration exercise