26 Oct 2017

Steps Playgroup reported by Ours Magazine!

Ours Magazine came to report our very popular and unique StepsTM Playgroup. Let's see what they said about us!

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13 Apr 2017

New Centre in Shatin Is Now Open!

- Steps PlaygroupTM 50%off

- All English Courses - 20%off

T: 23880399. Email:

Room N, 10/F, Kings Wing Plaza 1, No. 3 On Kwan St., SHATIN

17 Dec 2016

Step On My Stage Show at APA - GREAT SUCCESS!

Let's give a big applause to all our very young but talented performers haveing their musical theatre and dance performances at Hong Kong Acedemy of Performing Arts!



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28 Jul 2015

Interviewed by Parents Magazine - Trinity College London Musical Theatre Course

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15 Jan 2015

Step Up Musical Show at Hong Kong Art Centre!

Our students who joined the Tirnity College London Young Performers Certificate has just finished their performance at Hong Kong Art Centre.

All the audience is impressed by their wonderful performance. Let's give them a big clap!

20 Jan 2014

Preschool Magazine interviewed Steps Playgroup - Jan 2014 Issue

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2 Aug 2013

Oriental Daily Interviewing Our Curriculum Director Miss Carmen Leung


8 Jul 2013

Apple Daily Report on our 4Q programme

Apple Daily

6 Jun 2013

Baby Magazine Cover Story Interviewing Steps Education

Baby Magazine interviewed Miss Carmen Leung and Miss Rose Wong,  Curriculum Director and Registered Psychologist of Steps Education respectively on their views of promotion young children's 3Q - IQ, AQ, EQ development.

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24 May 2013

Interview with Whiz-kids Express Weekly

We are delighted to be interviewed by Whiz-kids Express Weekly featuring our 4Q courses .The all-round courses aim to develop and balance children's 4Qs- Intelligence Quotient(IQ),Creativity Quotient(CQ),Emotion Quotient(EQ) and Adversity Quotient (AQ).

Many recognize the importance of IQ but fail to realize that the 4Qs are complementing each other and should be viewed as a whole. Through the 4Q courses Steps strive to provide children with an environment to grow academically, socially and emotionally at the same time.

The 4Q courses consist of two modules, "Let's think! -IQCQ" focuses on problem solving, logical thinking and creativity ,while "Let's grow up! - EQAQ" focues on emotion management, social skills and adaptability. To read more, please click on the below images